Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Beware of scams

There have been scammers preying on artists for ages. The internet age has made it possible for them to scam artists even more. 1340art is another of those scams, it seems. They claim to be an international art magazine. Their web site looks impressive (anyone can hire someone to make an impressive web site). I was contacted on Instagram by a "curator" to submit art for their magazine. As usual, I was suspicious because these solicitations usually (always?) are scams because they want the artist to pay money to be "discovered." Phooey on them! So, as usual, I started doing research. It didn't take long. Here is one artist's story: "1340 art & Gallery contacted me on my art and personal accounts on Instagram and they tried to scam me. So here’s the heads up my fellow art friends :) Link to YouTube video

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