Friday, May 26, 2017

Why They Don’t Hand Out Photos or Brochures in the Gallery

Selling art in the 21st century. Gallery owner Jason Horejs always has good advice.
"I suspect that this [handing out printed brochures and photos] remains a common practice with many artists and galleries today, but I feel that handing out printed materials is an ineffective selling technique, and today I would like to share an approach that I’ve found far more effective.
To be clear, brochures and catalogs do still have a valid place in your marketing efforts. Brochures and other printed material can be a great way to send images to clients to update them about new available work. We do a lot of marketing through printed catalogs and brochures – but the key is that we use brochures for our marketing efforts, not for our sales efforts."

Friday, April 7, 2017

Anatomy of a Sale | How We Used Photoshop to Make a $5,000 Art Sale

From Reddot Blog:

"How many times have you heard this: 'I like this painting, but the size won’t work for my space'? I’m sure I’ve heard the phrase hundreds, if not thousands, of times throughout my career in the gallery business. As much as we wish people would buy the art they love and find a space for it, there are times when space is a key consideration for the client."

Loving Vincent | A Look at the First Fully Painted Film

Loving Vincent | A Look at the First Fully Painted Film

"According to the website, the process for animating the film involved live actors who gave life and movement to the characters from Van Gogh’s portraits and 125 oil painters versed in Van Gogh’s style who painstakingly painted every frame."
Featured image: Starry Night Over the Rhone by Vincent Van Gogh from