Saturday, March 29, 2014


Spring weather is finally arriving after a long, long winter. We all love seeing crocuses coming up, brightening the landscape. They remind us that spring eventually does arrive. I completed this piece yesterday. Check this page on my web site to see four more recent pieces, all of which are colorful, 6" x 6" acrylic paintings on canvas.

Crocus, by Annette Ragone Hall
© Annette Ragone Hall
Acrylic on canvas - 6" 6"

Monday, March 17, 2014

Tree of Knowledge

This is a piece that I started awhile ago, but set it aside. I wasn't sure what additional work I wanted to do on it, if any. I finally hung it on a wall so I could think about it. Yesterday, I decided it was time to finish it. I like how this lively, colorful piece turned out.

Tree of Knowledge ©Annette Ragone Hall. Acrylic on canvas. 20" x 16"
"Tree of Knowledge" © Annette Ragone Hall
Acrylic on canvas - 20" x 16"

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Copper Tree

After I have completed a complex piece like the commissioned landscape in my previous post, I need to do something loose and expressive. This little acrylic piece on watercolor board fits the bill.

"Copper Tree" © Annette Ragone Hall. Acrylic on watercolor board. 7" x 5"
"Copper Tree"
acrylic on watercolor board
7" x 5"
©Annette Ragone Hall

Carolina Summer

A local couple has purchased a number of pieces from me over the past few years to hang in their home, which they have been remodeling. The remodel is complete and they commissioned me to do a an eye-catching piece for their dining room. I just completed the piece, an acrylic three-panel landscape. Each canvas is 36" tall and 24" wide. I will be taking the work to my clients' house this weekend to hang. They have seen the completed work and are very happy with it.

Carlina Summer ©Annette Ragone Hall
"Carolina Summer"
Each panel 36" x 24"
©Annette Ragone Hall