Friday, August 17, 2012

Take advantage of QR Codes

QR code for
If you're an artist (or any businessperson) and you haven't taken advantage of QR codes yet to drive people to your web site or Facebook page, it's easy to generate a QR code, print it out and post it in your window, on your car, on your business card, or anywhere else the public can see it. Go to the web site at the link below and get your QR code. It's free! To create the QR code for your web site, for example, just type in your web site's address, choose the image size (larger for signs, smaller for business cards), then click "Create QR Code." Right-click on the image it creates and save it. Then you can add it to your business-card design the next time you order new cards, and/or print it out and post it wherever you want people to be able to scan it into their smartphone or tablet. There are free QR readers available for both the Android and Apple devices.

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