Friday, November 11, 2011

A new jewelry painting: "Lady Bug Garden"

"Lady Bug Garden" - acrylic on 140#, full-size, hotpress watercolor paper 
This new painting, which I've already started cutting up to make hand-painted jewelry, is the first one of my jewelry paintings that isn't purely abstract. I wanted to create a garden  painting for this new collection of jewelry and it had to have lady bugs in it. As originally painted, and shown here, there were 18 lady bugs scattered throughout the image. I'm thinking of adding a ladybug to most, or maybe all, of the pieces after I've finished cutting up the painting. Having them everywhere on the original painting would have looked odd, but having one strategically placed on each cut-up piece will look really cool and make each piece even more unique.

Before I started cutting up the painting, I took it to a special event at Stitchin' Post Gifts, where my jewelry is sold in Salisbury, NC, and talked to people about how my jewelry is made. When people see my finished jewelry and learn how it's made, they're always impressed; they are even more impressed when they see one of my paintings before it's cut up.


  1. As originally painted, and shown here, there were 18 lady bugs scattered throughout the image.rendering adelaide

  2. Yes, there are 18. After I cut up the painting and started making pendants, I decided that some of the pendants whose images didn't include one of those lady bugs needed one, so I painted a lady bug on it before I glued on the glass.