Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wanna know a secret?

Each of my hand-painted jewelry pendants and earrings is unique, but I don't paint each one individually. If I had to do that, I would have to charge WAY more for each piece. What I do is create one  large acrylic painting on paper, and then CUT IT UP. I have to say it is very, very painful to do that, and I've agonized each time I make that first cut because I really, really like the paintings as is. But, if I want to make my jewelry affordable, that's what I have to do. I could save the master painting and have a high-quality giclee printed and cut that up, but then it wouldn't be hand-painted jewelry, would it?

I'm going to do something I haven't done before, which is to show everyone what one of my jewelry master paintings looks like. I completed this painting a few days ago. It's 21.5" x 29.5" and I haven't made that first cut yet. I'm dreading doing it! The pieces from this painting will become my Swirly Gig III collection. If anyone wants to save this gorgeous painting from the cutting board and circle punch, make me an offer I can't refuse! Otherwise, it'll make some fabulous jewelry, which you can purchase from Southern Spirit Gallery in Salisbury, NC, the gift shop at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii (on Kauai), or directly from me by coming to my studio in Salisbury.

- Master painting for Swirly Gig III jewelry collection by Annette Ragone Hall -


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and the link. I added a Link back to you.

  2. Thanks for sharing. Who would have thought? How unique but I can see why you would agonize over cutting it up. I did add a link to your blog.