Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Ascension" - I have a large painting in a public art project

I've been away for several months and haven't been able to make any posts, but I have been busy creating art. This is an image of my 8' x 4' painting that is part of the new public art display in the Rail Walk Arts District on the corner of N Lee and E Kerr in Salisbury, NC. Four other painters and one sculptor provided their talent and time to create these works of art for the public to enjoy. The building's owners paid for the supplies, the lighting, the mounting, and the unveiling event on 11/3/10. No taxpayer money was used in this project!

Link to article in my local paper about the unveiling

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Portrait of Karen: Contemplation

After a three-week visit to my folks in Virginia to take care of my mom after her back surgery, and then a very pleasant week's vacation at the beach, I'm back at my studio.

Right before I left for Virginia I completed this portrait of a fellow artist, Karen Frazer, for an exhibit at Rail Walk Gallery titled "Figures & Faces." This is my first studio portrait using acrylics. I had done one portrait study in acrylics a couple of years ago, but didn't attempt a full-scale portrait until this one. I think it turned out very well. Her husband said he loved it and that it looks exactly like her. That's quite a compliment!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Offline until August 1, 2010, for family time and vacation

I won't have computer access until I return (not that I mind! It's nice to be in the analog world for a little while).

Monday, June 14, 2010

"Symphony in Orange & Violet" and "Glorious Hydrangeas"

Every 2nd Saturday of the month, we artists at Rail Walk Studios and Gallery in Salisbury, NC, where I have my studio, participate as one of the venues in an art crawl. 17 galleries and studios in downtown Salisbury and nearby Spencer participate. The art crawls started in April of this year. We hope, over time, to draw people from the greater region who don't realize how many galleries and studios there are here. We want Salisbury and Spencer to be destinations for art collectors as well as Civil War buffs, railroad buffs, and history buffs. Salisbury is just five minutes off I-85 at exit 76. It's a straight shot from the exit to downtown. All the galleries downtown are very convenient to get to from I-85, unlike those in Charlotte.

During the art crawls, I take my watercolor painting supplies up to the front of the gallery by the big glass window and our front door and paint while visitors come in and out. I don't paint large works in watercolor very much anymore, mostly because of the high cost of matting and framing them, but I still love watercolor. I paint small pieces during events like the art crawl because I can stop and talk with people without the paint's drying on the brush and palette like it would with acrylics. And, I can mat them and enclose them in clear plastic bags for display and sale.

"Symphony in Orange and Violet" (18"x12"), the first image below, is a watercolor piece I started during our May crawl, but never finished. I had forgotten about it until this past Saturday's art crawl when I opened the cover of my watercolor-paper block with the idea of starting a new painting and saw it in there, waiting to be finished. I was able to finish it this time.

During the art crawls, I tend to paint a lot of little greeting cards in watercolor, which make wonderful, inexpensive gifts (just $10). "Glorious Hydrangeas" (4.75" x 3.5"), below, is one of these paintings, which I did this past Saturday. I paint these on card stock that has a watercolor-paper texture with a deckle edge.

Note: I put a copyright notice on these two images because I uploaded them at a large size. I wanted people to be able to see their detail well, but I don't want the image to be useful for people who would happen across them and perhaps want to use them on an item they intend to sell. I don't think that any of you who come to my blog to see my work would do that, only people who scan the web for art images to appropriate for their own use. Do you find that the copyright notice is intrusive? If so, I won't do it in the future, but will just upload smaller images.)


Friday, June 4, 2010

"Bird Empress"

This painting was an experimental one. I didn't have an image in mind because I started it to show a fellow artist how you can get watercolor effects with acrylic paint. I brushed on different colors of paint thinned with water and Golden's Acrylic Glazing Liquid, just letting it flow and blend on the canvas. My fellow artist quickly got the point, so I set the painting aside for later.

A few days later I came back to it to see what I could do to finish it. I kept some of the watercolor-ish effects, but then started into a completely different direction. As I looked at the shapes, I saw something birdlike on the left and decided to emphasize that idea. I also decided to add mixed-media elements to it to make it more textural. I sprinkled glass beads of different colors in various places, then poured a heavy coating of glossy acrylic medium onto the canvas. I then laid down pieces of flat cut glass and some colored rhinestones for the eyes and for the tops of the head-feathers. I overdid the glossy medium a bit, so it kept oozing off the sides of the canvas. I had to scrape it off as it flowed until it finally set up enough to stay where it was. The rhinestones floated around during that part of the process, so I had to keep moving them back to their positions using tweezers. Even with that bit of difficulty, the piece turned out nicely. The layer of glossy medium is thick and looks glasslike. It's a very unique piece.

"Bird Empress" - 6" x 6" acrylic on canvas with glass, beads, and rhinestones. $100.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

"Shy Tulips"

This watercolor painting was painted on Ampersand Gessoboard. Working with this hard, non-absorbent surface was quite different from working on watercolor paper. I wasn't happy with the way it turned out because I found that I was putting on more paint than I usually do for a watercolor piece. It ended up looking too heavy, so I started washing off a lot of the color. All of a sudden, a new painting emerged, one that was soft and very different from my usual style. I set it aside for awhile to think about it and to decide if I would do more work on it. The more I looked at it, the better I liked it the way it was, so I left it alone. I am happy with the result.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rail Walk Arts District in Salisbury, NC, is transforming an old warehouse area

I did a presentation today about Rail Walk Studios & Gallery and the Rail Walk Arts District for the Rowan Rotary Club and thought I would provide a link to the Powerpoint show for those who would like to see what it's all about!

The building shown below was an industrial warehouse, back in the day. See the before-and-after photo in the presentation at the link above. This building, and the entire 300 and 400 block of N Lee Street, is being transformed into an arts district where you can see and buy beautiful arts and crafts, listen to musical performances, watch plays, enjoy dance-troupe performances, hear poetry readings, and much more.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Life Glow V" is a winner in the Manhattan International Arts "The Healing Power of Art" competition

Life Glow V is one of the paintings in my series "Life Glow: the Light of Creation." It is a winner in the Best Work on Paper category in the Manhattan International Arts "The Healing Power of Art" online competition:

To see other paintings in this series, go here:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Meandering Through Life"

Sometimes as soon as I look at a finished piece, the title just pops into my head. That is exactly what happened with this one.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"Along the Dotted Line"

This is another of my 6" x 6" acrylic paintings on canvas. Whenever I finished a painting session I usually have some unused paint left over. I hate to waste anything, especially expensive paint, so I use the unmixed colors that remain on my palette to paint background colors on already gessoed canvases. This particular painting started out with a green background, though not the green color that you see in the finished painting. The background does influence the colors on top, though.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The White Heron Gallery grand opening

The White Heron Gallery in Dunn, NC, is celebrating its grand opening Friday, April 30, 2010, and Saturday, May 1, 2010. There is a large selection of my work available there, including some of my hand-painted jewelry. I'll be there most of the afternoon on May 1st, and will be doing a demo painting while I'm there.

Dunn, NC, is about halfway between Raleigh and Fayetteville. If you live in that general area, I hope you'll stop by for awhile.

For more information about the White Heron Gallery, visit their web site:

This is one of my pieces on display there:

The Busy Life of a Woman
Acrylic on board

Monday, April 26, 2010


Sombrero - acrylic - 40" x 32"

This is one of the "South of the Border"-themed paintings I did in 2008 for decoration at a fundraiser for the Center for the Environment at Catawba College in Salisbury, NC. My regular fine art was on display during the event.

I've sold a few of the paintings to individuals. I think the remaining 23 would be perfect as decoration for a Southwest- or Mexican-themed restaurant. Since they were painted on foam core board to save money (I donated my time to paint them), I am offering them for sale at very low prices. They will last indefinitely as long as they are framed properly, so they're a great deal for someone who wants some inexpensive, one-of-a-kind, original wall art for a restaurant or other venue. They range in size from 10"x12" to 32" x 40". They are priced by size: $25 for a small, $50 for a medium, and $100 for a large.

To see images of all the available paintings, go to the "Fiesta Series" page on my website:

Friday, April 23, 2010

"A Special Tree"

This image from my Tree series is a little different from the ones I've done so far. I've glued on glass "gems" as embellishments. If you look closely, you can see my reflection in some of them as I was taking the photograph.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mothers Day Gift Idea: buy a painting and get a hand-painted pendant for free

The paintings are $50. The pendants normally sell for $10.

If you live in or are visiting North Carolina, you can purchase one of my 6"x6" acrylic paintings from the following galleries:
  • Southern Spirit Gallery at 102 S. Main St in Salisbury, NC
  • Green Goat Gallery at 516 South Salisbury Avenue in Spencer, NC
  • The White Heron Gallery at 610 West Cumberland Street, (Hwy. 421), Dunn, NC
You can also purchase directly from me at my studio in Salisbury (call 704-798-9400 for an appointment and directions). The price is the same whether you purchase from one of my galleries or directly from me. If you purchase a painting from one of the galleries, to receive your free pendant, bring your receipt to my studio and I will let you select a pendant (call first!).  

This offer applies to any of my paintings priced $50 and above.

Note: Southern Spirit Gallery and The White Heron Gallery also have some of my hand-painted jewelry for sale.

Below is a sample of one of my hand-painted pendants. To see more examples of my jewelry, visit this page on my web site:


"Flying High"

This is one of my favorite paintings from my Tree series. I feel uplifted when I look at it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

"Blue Flowers Bouquet"

The secondary theme in my "Bouquet" series is the color scheme.That means this series could run indefinitely! The small size and very reasonable price of these paintings make them excellent gifts for special occasions. Any painting from this series would make a beautiful Mother's Day gift. Contact me at if you would like to purchase one. They'll come to you in a gift box with gold tissue paper. All you have to do is wrap it. If none of the images here on my blog catch your eye, there are more on my web site to see:

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Blowing Bubbles Bouquet #1"

A unique thing I'm doing in my 6"x6" bouquet series is to glue on one transparent glass gem as a sort of punctuation. I really like the effect.

If you would like to purchase this piece, email Annette at

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"A Stormy Day"

I'm doing a lseries of 6"x6" acrylic paintings on canvas. One of my themes is trees. I love the stormy looking background in this one. Reminds me of a windy October day.

A Stormy Day
6"x6" acrylic on canvas
$50  (If you would like to purchase this painting, email Annette:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first post as a blogger

I've had a web site for my art for quite some time, but finally, today, I created my blog. I look forward to writing posts on a fairly regular basis, though not every day.
"Artistic Bouquet"

This is one of my 6"x6" acrylic paintings with a flower bouquet theme. I've painted a number of them and will upload them periodically. They are priced at $50 apiece. If you would like to purchase one, please email me.